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iHeart Math Holiday Hop

I have the pleasure of linking up with several wonderful math bloggers for a month long holiday hop. We are excited about this collaboration because each day you can access a different blogger with great holiday tips and a special gift. Be sure to tune in everyday to read each blog post. By clicking on the header above, you can navigate to a specific blog post. Be mindful that the links will only go live on the dates posted in the calendar.
Stocking Stuffer #1 -Giving Back Idea:
Paying It Forward through Random Acts of Kindness
We are officially into the holiday season and I always believe that giving back is important.  For my stocking stuffer #1 idea I would like to discuss R.A.K or random acts of kindness. While in Las Vegas this summer for the TpT conference, my wife and I ate at a restaurant called Hash House A Go Go.  We were extremely hungry and went there for breakfast.  The food portions were humongous, as you can see in the picture below!

After we finished our meal we asked for the check.  The waiter returned to our table and stated that another party paid for our check.  As you can imagine, we were shocked and appreciative at the same time.

The waiter mentioned that during that morning many of his tables were paying it forward. They were secretly paying the tabs of other tables.  We wanted to keep the blessings moving forward and scanned the room for the next table to bless.  Then we came up with an even better idea.  Since we did not have to pay for our meal, we decided on a Random Act of Kindness by blessing the waiter with the largest tip that we have ever given!  I will never forget that experience in Vegas.
The point of telling this story is that it is critical to pay it forward through random acts of kindness.   You may not have the money to pay for someone’s restaurant tab but you could make a meal and donate it a needy person, or give your time to someone who really needs your help.  There are infinite ways that you could help others but I urge you to Pay It Forward during the holiday season. 
           Stocking Stuffer #2 -Holiday Math Tip
   The Christmas Math Hook

One of my favorite holiday math activities is the Christmas Holiday Math Hook.  It is a way to have fun with numbers and Christmas facts. Click on the images below to download this free activity. 
                                    Here is how it works:

* Project the slide below on the board or toward the front of the classroom.

* Allow the students to guess the numbers that match the Christmas questions on
   the second slide. It may be easier to write the questions on the board.

Students enjoy this math activity because it gives them an opportunity to make inferences and to determine whether they are right or wrong.  Try it with your students! 
My blogger friends and I wanted to ensure that we Paid It Forward to many our wonderful readers for the holiday season.  My special gift to you is a sample of my new Exit Ticket product. The idea for exit tickets began with my guess post on Laura Candler’s site Checking for Understanding Using Exit Tickets.  While doing the post I felt compelled to start an Exit Ticket product line.  It took me a while to fine tune everything but I hope you enjoy the sample.
Click on the image below and download the Exit Ticket Sample – Rounding Numbers Freebie.  Hope you enjoy.  Happy Holidays!!

Thank you for linking up with me today.  Be sure to tune in everyday during the month of December to read each blog post. By clicking on the header above, you can navigate to a specific blog posts. 

Tuesday, December 2nd, Brandi with the Research Based Classroom will provide you with wonderful holiday tips and a special gift.  Be sure to stop by her blog by clicking on the image below!

Take the stress out of implementing math centers in your classroom...