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Just the Math Facts: Addition Facts Web Games

Here are two FREE online math games that come by way of the Oswego City School District.  These games provide a great way for students to practice basic addition facts while having fun at the same time.  My favorite is called Sum Sense – Addition. In this game students work on creating a math fact using 4 given digits. First, the students get to choose the number of questions they will answer (2 – 99 questions) and the amount of time they get to answer them (1-10 minutes).  Once students make their selections, they press start and the game begins.

Next, the students have to fill in a blank equation with the numbers provided at the top of the page  (see images below).   If they beat the clock they get a round of robust applause.

I have used this game with students before and they become very engrossed while playing.  I like it because it makes students think at higher levels since they are filling in the entire equation and not just provided sums.

Another suggestion for practicing basic addition facts 0 -9 is the online game Are you a Math Magician?  This link is also connected to the Oswego City School District.  The students have the opportunity to answer 20 questions in 1 minute!! Check out both links to practice addition facts.

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Take the stress out of implementing math centers in your classroom...