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5 Minute Math Talk Routines for Daily Instruction

Need a way to add structure to your math block AND increase conceptual understanding? Try these easy to follow math talk routines and get your kids talking about math.

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What Is a Math Talk Routine?

Math Talk Routines are daily routines that are intentionally designed to promote meaningful and engaging math conversations.

These short yet powerful tasks are the perfect math warm-up activity for your math block.

These types of structured activities provide opportunities for students to use academic language to discuss important math concepts. And when done on a daily basis, ALL students benefit.

Why Should You Use Them?

There are many different ways to structure math talks, however, there are certain characteristics that make them worthy enough to be a staple in a teacher’s instructional toolbox.

With that in mind, these Math Talk Routines are the perfect way to give your students the support and practice they need to master concepts.

paperless and printable math talk routine

First, they generate meaningful mathematical conversations using scaffolds like guiding sentence frames.

Second, they provide multiple opportunities for kids to use mathematical vocabulary.

Third, they build on each other with 3 different skill levels.

And that’s just the benefits for your students!

These ready to go activities:

  • Save you precious planning time
  • Come in two different formats: printable and paperless
  • Contain an easy to follow lesson structure

How to Do a Math Talk Routine:

Both paperless and printable options are included. Take a look at how they both work.

Paperless Routine Steps

  1. Display Math Talk slides on a smartboard or inside a digital platform (i.e. Zoom)
  2. Provide time for students to solve the question
  3. Discuss after each question
  4. Project the answer slide
  5. Repeat for each one of the 4 question types

Printable Routine Steps

  1. Give each student a worksheet
  2. Provide time for students to solve
  3. Discuss one question at a time
  4. Share the correct answer
printable math talk routine worksheets

Whether you go paperless or use printables, these activities will get your students excited about math.

Click on the images below to explore the Math Talk Routines that are right for your students.

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