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A Cool Alternative to Number of the Day Worksheets

Are you looking for an interactive way for your students to build number sense other than the typical number of the day worksheets?

If your answer is YES, then read on.

build number sense with number of the day activities

What if I told you that I created a digital number of the day activity that you can individually assign to your students OR display on your whiteboard for all your students to see, interact with and discuss.

What Is Number of the Day?

Number of the day activities consist of highlighting one number and representing that number in many different ways. That could include:

  • Words
  • Pictures
  • Expanded Notation
  • Place value tables
  • Using models (i.e. ten frames, place value disks, base ten blocks, etc.)

You can even incorporate other number sense skills like:

  • More and Less
  • Odd or Even

Number of the Day = Engaging Math Warm-Up

Number of the Day activities are a great math warm-up for any grade level. They only take a short amount of time to complete. AND…kids are doing the same activity with different numbers, making it simple to create an easy to follow classroom routine.

Best of all, doing these activities daily helps to build number sense and increases flexibility in math thinking.

How to Make It Interactive and Engaging

Use Digital Math Manipulatives

Each Number of the Day activity that I created has an opportunity for students to represent the number with digital math manipulatives.

In the above example, kids represent the number using number disks.

Incorporate Hands-On Math Manipulatives

If your students have access to tactile manipulatives, I highly encourage letting your kids use them to show their representations as well. I included an optional math mat that can be used to compose or decompose the number.

number of the day activity with a manipulative mat

Provide Time for Students to Share Out

Provide a small amount of time for only 2 – 3 students to share out their responses for the composing or decomposing tasks. This is the best activity for students to share out because they will most likely have different responses.

Implement a Routine in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Students fill in the digital number of the day slide
    • [Optional: Incorporate hands-on manipulatives]
  2. Call on 2-3 students to share out by asking a question
    • [Example: “How did you represent the number?”]
  3. Share the correct answers for the other tasks with your entire class

Go PAPERLESS and build number sense with these fun number activities.

And if you’re not ready to ditch number of the day worksheets just yet, you can always print out the slides.

Click on the images below to explore the Number of the Day Activity that is right for your students.

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Take the stress out of implementing math centers in your classroom...