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Got Tasks??? Part 1

How do you know when something is a good math task?  Posing well developed math tasks to your students involves:

    • ensuring that the task is directed to the essential math content and is aligned to the standards.
    • the task revolves around interesting problems with multiple solutions.
    • the task provides multiple opportunities for rich math discourse.
    • the task builds upon student understanding
    • the task provides opportunities for students to choose a variety of tools to solve them.

By now you are probably asking yourself, where can I find tasks that would fit the characteristics named above.  Well, I have several resources that may help you.  This will be a 3 part blog.  This is the first of the 3 parts.

Check out the resources below for a brief description.

This website has a plethora of math tasks for grades Kindergarten through High School.  Click on the link to select tasks by grade level or domain. There you will find MARS Task or Problem of the Month.  The MARS Tasks are great because:
    • they are aligned to the common for math standards.
    • they are rigorous, provide multiple solutions, and provide opportunities for rich discourse.
    • the answers are included.

Check out this 2nd Grade Sample Task aligned with 2.NBT.1 and 2.NBT.4

This website has resources for grades Kindergarten – 5th grade.  To access the resources, click on your grade level. Once on your grade level pages you will find many great things including:
    • Grade level unpacked standards with examples & explanations.
    • Grade level mid year and summative assessments.
    • Unit plan that includes tasks and activities.
    • Problem Solving Decks 

Check out a page from the 1st Grade Exploring Two-Digit Numbers Unit
All of the tasks above are FREE of charge.  Take a look at them when you get a chance.

If you liked this check out Part 2 and Part 3.


Take the stress out of implementing math centers in your classroom...