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HELP WANTED: What do the Math Common Core standards really mean?


Do you ever wonder, “What do the common core standards really mean?”  There are times in which you may read the standards and still need further clarification.  One great thing about common core standards are that educators across the United States can now share resources!

There are a couple of resources out there to help you better understand the standards.  Some of the resources that I find pretty helpful include:

1) Engage NY

Once you click on the link, select your grade level.  New York organized this website by grouping various standards into modules.  Look for the standards within the modules and download the module. Great things about this website include:


    • There are actual lessons that are aligned with many of the common core standards. Along with the lessons, you will find explicit directions that help you implement the lesson.
    • There are exit tickets aligned to the lesson.
    • There are lesson worksheets which are great for student practice and homework aligned with the lesson.  Yes, I did say homework aligned to the lesson!!


Check out a sample homework sheet below that is aligned a 3rd grade elapsed time lesson (3.MD.1).

2) Ohio Department of Education

Once you click on the link, look under the Model Curricula section and select your grade level. Great things about this resource include:

    • It contains unpacked Common Core standards.
    • The standards include an Instructional Strategies and resources section for each domain.
    • It also includes a section with common student misconceptions for every standard.
    • They provide information about addressing diverse learners.

3) Nevada Department of Education

This website allows you to download individual standards’ page views. Great things about this resource include:

    • It has student friendly learning objectives aligned with each standard.
Once you click on the link, scroll down to download a word or pdf document with the unpacked standards. Great things about this resource:
    • It provides explanations and examples for most standards.
Take a look at the Kindergarten sample below.
This site provides units for each grade level (Kdg. -5th) in mathematics. Once you click on the link, select your grade level. Great things about this resource include:
    • There are unit frameworks which include many tasks and activities.
    • Within each unit framework, you will also find a unit overview, strategies for teaching, common misconceptions and a differentiation section within each task!
Check out the variety of tasks available for 2nd grade Unit 1
When you get a chance, check out these great resources!
Take the stress out of implementing math centers in your classroom...