Take the stress out of implementing math centers in your classroom...
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Ten Frame Calendars – A New Twist on Calendar Time

Put a new twist on calendar time by using a Ten Frames Calendar to teach concepts like odd and even, counting on, composing and decomposing numbers. All while making note of special school events and holidays.

A Ten Frame Calendar can help students:

  • see how 10’s are built
  • easily understand how to decompose numbers
  • develop a deeper understanding of one more/one less and ten more/ten less
  • make major school events (i.e. holidays and 1st day of school) more special
Watch my Math Mondays FB Live session HERE to see the Ten Frame Calendar in action.

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I Want to Get Started Now! What Is Included?

(1) Ten Frame Calendar Blackline Master

The Ten Frame Calendar needs to be blown up and laminated.  If you are planning to use this for the entire school year, you will want to blow two of them up.  You may also want to laminate them so that they will last.


(2) Question Prompts

Several discussion prompts cards that you can choose from when teaching from the calendar.  (Ex. How many days are there until —? Explain)

(3) Calendar Event Labels

Labels that denote special holiday and school events (ex. field trips, 100th Day of School, etc.)

(4) Ten Frames Worksheet

Practice number sense skills with this free worksheet template. Use it for morning work, early finisher activity, etc.


You can click on the photo below to download the FREE templates.


Take the stress out of implementing math centers in your classroom...